Anti (ultra)Globalist International Resistance - Pan European Liberation Alliance - Nice and Easy Globalization

AGIR - PELA - NEG are three networks that support an alternative nice and easy mild globalization. If we had only two choices a) NWO plan b) the previous situation we would chooce the latter. We name Ultraglobalization what most people call Globalization or New World Order. The reason is that we want to differentiate the current catastrophic globalization (NWO) from the alternative nice and easy mild globalization that we prefer. What we present here is our conclusions based on information gathering and processing, observation, surveillance, infiltration.

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Fifth Way

Fifth Way could go along a nice and easy alternative globalization like Third Way is combined with ultraglobalization (NWO). Third Way is an ideology popular with ultraglobalists. Fifth Way could be popular among anti-ultraglobalists. They have similarities and differences. Third Way is mostly center-left but combines some elements from the right. Fifth Way is mostly center-right but combines some elements from the left. 

An anti-Third Way, anti(ultra)globalist, center-right ideology needs to be developed. May be it would not be exactly what is described in the book (articles). Also, it may have a differnet name other than Fifth Way. The articles (book) give some ideas that could be adopted in the anti-Third Way ideology. Not all have to be incorporated. Also some not mentioned in the articles (book) could be included. 

Perhaps the book (articles) will only be the starting point for an anti-Third Way ideology to evolve. Some points are an interesting and unique attempt to compromise between right and left anti(ultra)globalists. Other points offer non-ideological solutions or alternatives that could be adopted regardless of position in the political spectrum. There are also explanations and findings that are helpful to everyone.

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