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Constantinos Diamandakos

  • Consultant
  •   Communication ♦ Business ♦ Economics ♦ Politics
  • Web Designer ♦ Web Marketer
  • Columnist ♦ Writer ♦ Publisher
  • Videographer ♦ Photographer ♦ Recording Technician 


Life's summary

I was born in Ohio, USA. After staying in UK for a few years, we returned to Greece when I was in elementary school. I studied at the public schools of Paleo Psychiko and then was admitted in Athens University of Economics and Business (ASOEE) achieving a high entrance ranking. During the second year of study, I volunteered for military service. I was stationed at General Staff of Hellenic Air Force and worked as statistician in Policy and Planning Department. After working for two years in an advertising company, I moved to USA where I stayed for eleven years, in California and New York. I completed a BA in Economics at California State University. I obtained an MBA in Finance at the same University where I also worked as teaching assistant and researcher. Subsequently I became a financial advisor in San Francisco. I have worked as a business executive in finance, accounting, marketing, sales, logistics. I am an entrepreneur and business, communication, economics and politics consultant. I have worked in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Athens, Patras, Argos, Pyrgos.

Fields of expertise

Webmarketing. Website design and management. Video and photo shooting, audio recording. Creation and development of networks, organizations, chains. Political marketing and lobbying. Focus group research. Writing press releases, articles, speeches, brochures, books.

Product segmentation, differentiation, placement. Analysis of competing products. Study and monitoring of various industries. Customer development, communication and building relations with customers. Design and implementation of new products. Presentations, proposals & offers, recording customer profiles, sales budgets. Organizing conferences and exhibitions.

Logistics activity coordination. Warehouse management and computerization. Evaluation and improvements in Value Chain Management system. Supplies of materials and services. Supplier search, evaluation, negotiations, contract preparation, order tracking. Production procurement scheduling.

Design, planning and management of technical projects. Project and operations management. Purchases, sales and reconstructions of real estate. Staff selection, training, mentoring and evaluation.

Capital structure, financing, cash investments. Calculation of project and company value. Investment evaluation and investment proposals. Cash management, payments, receipts. Establishment of a daily cash monitoring system. Budgeting. Collection, analysis and presentation of financial figures. Monitoring and control of accounts. Accounting entries. Suggestions for reducing costs and expenses.


Consulting services, communication, advertising, public relations, politics, plastics, transport & storage, publishing, construction, financial services, public administration, sports, decorative items, food, technology & information, communications.


MBA Finance        California State University 

BA Economics      California State University 

                           Athens University of Economics and Business 

Foreign Languages

English - very good, German - some, Spanish - basic

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